Main Features
  • Estimation
  • Sales Order management
  • Dispatch
  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Order management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Banking
  • Object-Groups-Users based access control
Advanced Features
  • Unique Information flow – virtually no data entry after creating an Estimate
  • Three-dimensional view of Sales and Purchases
  • Progress billing, progress fulfillment – in Purchases and Sales
  • Prepaid expenses applied to Purchase Orders and Customer deposits applied to Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders view from Sales Orders journal and Sales Orders view from Purchase Orders journal.
Advanced Features
  • Activity-based Payroll – timesheets derived directly from fulfillment documents.
  • Advanced Change Order management
  • Advanced serial number tracking
  • Advanced service contract management
  • Advanced Project management
  • Advanced EDI – electronic data interchange  - import-export of documents and journals
  • Flexible and customizable General Ledger and Journal Entries creation rules.
Sales Working Cycle
  • Create Sales Order Automatically after receiving Customer Purchase Order
  • Source Labour, Materials, Parts to fulfill SO
  • Schedule delivery/fulfillment
  • Fulfill Sales Order (Partially, or in full)
  • Invoice Sales Order to Customer (Partially or in full)
  • Receive Payment from Customer
  • Get a requisition for a new Quote or Change Order
  • Create a Quote for Customer
Purchases Working Cycle
  • Get Quote/Pricelist from Vendor
  • Approve Vendor Quote and place Purchase Order
  • Receive services/materials/parts as per PO
  • Receive Vendor Bill, match with PO, Packing Slips
  • Request credits for wrong price, short shipment, double billing
  • Get Vendor credits, apply against Vendor Bills, match Vendor Statement with AP journal
  • Pay Vendor as per reconciled Statement
  • Get Requisition for outside services/materials/parts
Inventory Working Cycle
  • Allocate Inventory Item to the actual location
  • Transfer Inventory Items between different locations
  • Prepare Customer Order for Shipment
  • Schedule delivery and Ship Order to Customer
  • Receive Customer returns
  • Ship returned items to Vendor, apply for Credit
  • Cycle Count Inventory as per Perpetual Inventory listing
  • Receive Goods as per Vendor Packing Slip
Payroll Working Cycle
  • Generate electronic time sheets from the system based on fulfilled work orders
  • Match paper and electronic time sheets by job #, date, # of hours
  • Reconcile discrepancies (get missing paperwork)
  • Accrue Payroll based on hours worked, stat holidays, other inputs
  • Create Payroll cheques based on Payroll Accrued
  • Calculate taxes, levies, deductions payable, match with accruals
  • Pay taxes, levies, payroll deductions as per accrued
  • Collect time sheets from technicians
  • Improved visibility of inventory
  • Improved accuracy, accessibility and timeliness of data
  • Better forecasting of demand
  • Improved inventory availability to meet demand
  • Integration with customer’s business processes
  • Scalable to support future growth
  • Speedy implementation & quicker return on investment
Our Value Proposition
  • 'Out of the box' System
  • More than just an another accounting application
  • Proven solution, least risk option
  • Excellent international reference base
  • Rapid implementation, fast payback
  • Aggressively priced, lowest cost of ownership
  • Flexible, scalable architecture
  • Based on world class, future-proof technology

President of Belyea Brothers Ltd., about AB System.

Standen House Testimonial by Ruth-Lynne Cropley


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